Risking Our Common Sense

Rose Spagnolo
Rose Spagnolo

An asterisk can be something aimed at drawing attention, or it can be a symbol of distrust and catches. That little star that leads you to the extra information; the caveat, the rules, or the restrictions. Our behaviour has been altered, trained, to look for this little guy, and trust it implicitly; as if the can be no full picture or truth without it. It is the beige safety net that serves our society and it is everywhere!

We are made to believe that without all that this little star represents, there is no real truth, and that we’re never truly informed. Can this be true?

Though it sometimes helps us (*do not stick this fork in a wall socket) it often modifies and restricts us. Outside of these restrictions, however, is where the magic sometimes happens. It can be where potentials are realised, dreams can be imagined, and inspiration happens. It is where we can be forced to face the consequences of our actions, after all, there can be no learning without the mistake. It is where our conscious decides what is right or wrong.

For some, this kind of behaviour change can limit experience and knowledge, reducing the likelihood that risks will be taken without some formal disclosure of what they are. It can be a loss of the ability to think for oneself.

Those fine print writers are the forward thinkers, people who have assessed possible future outcomes and risks; and established ways to avoid and mitigate them. To some, these kind of assessments can be frightening.
Most of these warnings are simply common sense, but the notion of common sense went out the window when people started suing companies for trusting that they had it. And so, we started getting nannied by these warnings and restrictions. They’re something of our own doing, but those of us who exercise our common sense find them stifling.

Society teases us with the mantra, ‘the best things can happen when to take a risk ‘ but then we get shown the fine print; a litany of reasons to stay locked inside our comfort zone

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