Social Media May Be Bad for Mental Health

We Are Not Our Social Media Profiles.10502167_10201342476923334_5886063072175158526_n

I am hoping this message will get more attention than one of my shirtless selfies because it is has far more implications to the community.

The other day I read a status of a lovely sensitive person who stated that they were “not ok”, That they were dreadfully unhappy and that they were low. This really upset me.

Mental health awareness is at an all time high but stigmitisation has remained the same. Social media is partly to blame. We only see the airbrushed parts of other’s lives and compare our successes to these filtered moments. It’s not real! This is no different to woman comparing their bodies to airbrushed images. All our energy should be diverted to feeling ok with oneself not to feelings of inadequacies by comparison.

WE ARE NOT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE. I am much more and much less. I am imperfect, I get pimples and I fart and I am a flawed human. I am very sensitive and I suffer anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Sometimes I get way too stressed about small things. You know what? That is ok! It’s who I am and I am not afraid to say it. My vulnerability makes me empathic and I know that many of my weaknesses have created other character traits I hold in high esteem.

How can we manage this? Firstly we need to understand the climate that we are in if we want to be in it and escape with our sanity. Then we need to understand that we have a RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER! A good attitude costs nothing but a bad one can cost the world. Be good to each other, it could change someone’s life… It might even save one. I AM NOT MY SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE… And that is ok! Non of us are.

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